A Dresser For Nate








Last August our baby boy Nathan (a.k.a The Dude) was born. I wanted to make something for his room and I always talked about making a crib or a bed for him at some point but I thought that might’ve been too ambitious for my first real piece of usable furniture. Instead, I opted to make a dresser/change table that matched the crib we purchased. The only real thing that worried me was getting the colour right; there is nothing, NOTHING in this world I hate more than staining!

The entire project is made out of maple plywood, except for the drawers which is pine with dovetail joinery to keep them together. I had a fairly strict timeline on this project as it needed to be done before my boy was born so I kept it a relatively straight forward design.

The staining of this took a while to do and one of the biggest driving factors for me to eventually get an HVLP sprayer. Since I was using maple plywood I didn’t know how regular stain would look on the wood and maple is notoriously bad at taking certain stains from what i’ve read.  Because of my already current lack of skill in the stain department I decided to use a gel stain as it seemed fairly easy to apply and does a good job evenly staining the wood. So this was a bit of a turning point for me in terms of staining. I (*gasps*) actually didn’t mind staining this project and the finished result is one of the best parts of it.

There you have it Dude! Your dads first piece of real furniture is all yours!



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