Cedar Deck With Some Style







Well I don’t even know what to say about the backyard of my very first house except that it’s small, cramped, and almost unusable. The owners before had made a god awful patio that I would’ve guessed had been through an earthquake.

At some point in the beginning of our second summer here I was at Home Depot (fairly standard outing for me) when I went in to get some lumber for another project. At this point I have no idea what I went in for but I know I came out buying a shitload of cedar. They had some crazy cheap deal on cedar. Now it wasn’t premium cedar but I got to pick it out so I got the best pieces I could find.

A week later all the lumber showed up at my house and the work began. First order of business was to get the heavy, uneven stones out of the backyard. Because i’m a middle unit of a townhouse I got the delightful task of dragging each 80 pound stone through the house, praying to god I don’t drop one on my tile floor. We then had to dig down through all the screening that was there, dig trenches on a slight angle to the front to allow for a proper slope for the deck and finally set in all the deck blocks. That was by far the most gruelling part of the whole ordeal, everything from that point on was fun. The base of the deck was made from pressure treated lumber as you won’t see it through the finished deck.

The top of it and stairs were by far my favourite part of the whole build. Instead of just a straight across deck, I liked the look of the framed border deck. It was actually fairly straight forward. Just get your boards properly angled from one side to the other but just in the centre area. Then lay down a straight edge, or in my case just a long 2X6 piece of cedar and run your circular saw down the edge so you get a perfectly cut line to cap. Then you frame it in, mitre the border and slap it together. The stairs and the lights were the last part of the build. The lights really add something else to the whole look of the deck I think.


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