Router Table





At last, a proper router table from my own personal hero, Mr. Norm Abrams. This table is everything I’ve wanted in the previous 2 tables I’ve built.

My humble beginnings started me out with a crappy melamine top and a hole drilled in the middle, mounted on top of a metal base frame. I guess it was a good start but it made me realize how valuable this tool is in the shop not to mention how important it is to have a good one. The bit drawers alone are a blessing but also the extra storage at the bottom for holding my other router bases and various router related accessories.

This project took me a while to build as I was doing things on and off all throughout the summer but I was finally able to wrap it up a couple months ago and just recently finished up the router lift which makes this the ultimate router table for me. It was fun to build the cabinetry and something i’m finally getting better at. My glue up was a tragedy as usual but was able to get everything in place before the glue actually set up. My wife thinks I have enough clamps in my shop but this made me realize I don’t have nearly enough.

This was the first project I worked with formica as well as contact cement. This is something I think i’ll use in the future for all sorts of different uses. Has a nice slick surface and you can route it out very easily to make a nicely finished surface without too much work.

In terms of time spent it was definitely up there with my workbench but this was worth every second of my time and I think no matter what routers I obtain in the future, this is going to be a permanent fixture in my shop. Thank you Norm!!


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  1. frederick johnsen says:

    Fantastic table. This is something I have been dying to do but sadly all my tools are in storage and I have no workshop at the moment (ah, the joys of moving and unemployment). Enjoy the table and Happy Woodworking.

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