School Projects




Throughout the summer I took a woodworking course at Sheridan College. It was just an introduction to woodworking which I feel like i’ve had already but I had to take it as it was the prerequisite to any other furniture design course they had. Little did I know that the course I took was the very last woodworking course Sheridan would offer at night. Full-time students needed more time in the shop which is understandable but F#$K, what kind of luck do I have.

In the course I had a couple noteworthy projects to do. First one was a cutting board. They gave us some maple to rip into thin strips and glue them up. I found some scrap walnut in the shop garbage can and was able to dress it up a bit more. Routed out a relief to be able to pick it up and I also added a bit of a trough around the top.

The second project was something we needed in our house, a medicine cabinet. The project was to utilize 1 piece of 3/8″ MDF into “something”. Pretty basic design, but there’s a couple details I thought looked good on the final piece. I hate painting MDF but I had to suck it up. Trying to paint in those tight corners and still be able to make it look like an even finish SUCKS!

Overall, had a good time during the course and the teacher I had was great. Learned a lot of fundamental things I might not have taken the time to learn on my own like sharpening chisels and plane irons. Thanks to Mark Rose but shitty I won’t be able to take more classes with you.


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