A Jewelry Cabinet For Melissa






When my sister returned from years of life at sea and got herself an apartment that didn’t happen to be at my parents house she needed something to store all the jewelry she has. Back in March she sketched out a rough picture of what she wanted for a jewelry cabinet that I could make for her. I feel bad thought because this was the never-ending project. It would collect dust while other projects got finished around it.

The cabinet work is pretty straight forward but all the hinges and hardware made it tricky to get right as it was going to be holding up some weight. The worst part as usual was the staining process. It’s made from a very soft wood so my first attempt at doing a wipe on stain did not turn out well with the type of wood. Some areas soaked it up more than others so it ended with a very blotchy finish. I stepped back defeated for another chunk of time before I went to the states and got my hands on a nice dark gel stain (Espresso) and this finished it off very nicely. My sister found a lawn chair type material that already had a set of small holes throughout the entire piece so it turned out to be a great material to attach earrings to.

The project ended up looking pretty decent considering it was a piece that didn’t get a lot of love but I’m glad my sister finally got it in her place and helped organize her stuff. Thanks Melissa for taking good care of our little guy for us every week, this is the least I could do for you!


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