A Coffee Table For My Wife – Part 2

If you ask my wife what I do in the garage you’ll probably get a standard response of “well, nothing for the house”. I am happy to say I finally finished a piece that is for the house and my wife couldn’t be happier how it turned out.

The project wasn’t terribly difficult but it was a long time in the works because I didn’t have a lathe. As I posted before I was able to pick up a small one over the Christmas holidays and able to get to work on this.

I even see the faint trace of an Olive Garden bag glimmering in the background. Proof that I was in the states when I bought the lathe and also proof that if I have bread in the house, I’ll be eating it in the garage after hours.


Once the legs were done, the actual base was fairly easy to put together. I thought I was going to get fancy but instead I got lazy and used my pocket screw jig to do most of the joinery. I figured I wasn’t going to get any extra street cred for making it with mortise and tenons so I kept it simple. And because the base was going to be painted white, I didn’t mind using a mishmash of wood species. The legs are Ash and the stretchers are Poplar. Both painted up really nicely.


And here is the table before the finishing touches.


Originally I bought some Walnut which I absolutely loved but my wife didn’t like the colour of it so I had to resort to buying some more wood and doing a different top. I purchased some Ash because it was fairly cheap and am I ever glad I did, the top turned out really nice. The finish was perfect and the grain really pops with the colour of stain.


I also finally got a chance to use my HVLP sprayer I bought a while back. It definitely came with some prep though. As you can see I basically had to cover my entire garage in plastic in fear of paint getting sprayed all over the place. I found it didn’t overspray too much but the cover worked out great and I just folded it up until the next time I need to hang it again.


And the big finale! My best work is definitely not photography so I’ll need to get a better picture for the archives but this will do for now. The table looks great in our living room and I can retire another piece of Ikea furniture to the side of the road in place of a better quality piece of furniture.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Kris says:

    Dude, this looks fantastic! I love the dark top. Nice work.

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