And Now For Something Completely Different


Well this is one more for my wife and although this wasn’t entirely up my alley it ended up being a fairly simple and cool project once it was done. This was another case of my wife desperately wanting to ditch the Ikea bedroom and grow up a little. Queue up a new headboard project.

You can find so many of these things on Pinterest and any other craft site and even though I told my wife she could probably do it herself I still got dragged into the construction.


This is where I came in. The piece of plywood just needed to be cut down to size and we also decided to put the arcs in it just for looks. The foam padding was just spray glued on even though the fabric does a pretty good job holding it in place.


Then it was just a matter of pulling the fabric and stapling it to the back. In terms of folding it over properly, we sucked at it but thank god it’s all hidden in the back and will never be seen. The one nice added touch (although it’s mostly hidden) is the metal stud strip that lines the outside. This was incredibly easy to put on and makes it look a little more professional.


We got some buttons that just snap together with the fabric we used on the headboard and voila! Mounted it on the wall and call it a bed.


My wife has been dying to get an update to our “college” bed so i’m happy she’s got a bedroom she’s happy with. With that being said, we’re still planning on selling our house in a couple months so i’m sure we’ll be doing this all over again very shortly.



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