Getting a Handle On Things

Well I have finally finished one of the most infuriating tasks I’ve ever taken on. I thought making a couple handles for some old chisels I received would be an easy task. Not the case!! These handles took me about 2 weeks to make. I think it took longer than it should have mostly because by a couple days in I was dreading working on them. But alas they are finished and I think they turned out great.


This was also the first time I threw a polishing wheel on the grinder and what a difference it made to the ferrule as well as the irons themselves. Years of sludge came literally flying off in my face getting these into good condition.


And to top it all off was a pretty basic chisel rack to house the new/old chisels.


As hard a task as it was to finish, i’m definitely glad I did it. The old handles were in pretty rough condition so I think this really did these chisels justice getting a better handle on it!


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