Well it’s been some time since I’ve posted an update on the blog but that’s because I’ve been busy as all get out and in the coming weeks there’ll be a flood of posts with the work I’ve been doing lately. We purchased a new house back in April and we got the keys in May. The lead up to moving into the house obviously took up all my time so my shop was neglected for quite some time.


When we saw this house we really liked it because of the pure bare-bones nature of it. Nothing was upgraded, everything was builder grade so this presented a great opportunity to do a lot of home renos to boost the value of it. Cue the hardwood floors!


We ended up going with a really nice dark oak hardwood with a lot of grain to it mostly because we have a little one so anything dropped should just blend into the floors. Day 2 of being in the house we got the hardwood delivered and the work began.


First night was the purging  of the old carpeted floors and getting everything prepared. I had to pull out all the carpet, tack strips, underpad and then go around and pull out each staple. Back breaking and knee breaking work, let me tell you! But once this was done the work was able to commence.




I found the flooring to be fairly straight forward except for a lot of the transition pieces which needed to be bevelled a bit to meet with the tiled areas. This was a scary process feeding the hardwood through the table saw on that angle. But amidst the smoke and sawdust the pieces turned out great.

And here is the finished product.







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