Hanging On

So in our new home we don’t have the best front door situation when it comes to hanging up our coats. The “hallway” closet is actually much further down the hallway from the front door so coats were getting thrown everywhere. My wife found a couple nice examples and I went to work.


Here is the basic frame of the back getting glued up. I used 1/2″ MDF but the realized that the hooks I bought had much larger screws so it was going to burst through the back. I put the piece on the bottom so it would have more meat to grab but this also made it really easy to add a French cleat so it could be mounted on the wall flush.


Next step was attaching the crown moulding as well as filling all the nail holes and caulking the gaps.


First coat of primer which was then followed by 2 coats of the Benjamin Moore Advance paint which was the same as the paint I used on my stairs. Finishes really nice and smooth and doesn’t leave a lot of brush strokes.


Finished product turned out great and has been really useful for us. Now you can barely even see the nice work I did because it’s covered in a mountain of coats but it sure serves its purpose.


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