Wayne Scott?

To quote a line from Marge on The Simpsons: “I read an article about wainscotting at the tire store. Did you know it’s not named after someone named Wayne Scott?”

So this was something I wanted to do since the second I walked in the door of our new house. Our front room is really nice and open and serves as a great dining/living room once we get some furniture (more on that later).


I don’t have the best final picture as I would like to take a shot with the furniture in there. Currently it’s just a toy dumping ground so it’s not very picture worthy.


Had a little help measuring to get started.

IMG_2069 IMG_2070

The windows were something I also wanted to add as I think the two styles go great together. It’s a pretty straight forward trim. It’s just pre-primed MDF 1×4 strips for the side and a 1×6 for the top and bottom. The whole thing is capped with a cove moulding a 2 inch top to cap it off. I also put in a piece of pine to trim out the bottom of the window. I had to glue it and go directly through the front face with a 2 3/4″ brad nail so I didn’t want to split the MDF.

IMG_2099 IMG_2133

Next was putting up the chair rail and the wall panels. During this project I got a new mitre saw and what a difference it made cutting the pieces. It has a nice long wing extension so I was able to index all my cuts and just rip through them. I took my measurements, drew out a full layout of the room and got cutting. I drew all the layout lines on the wall as well using some scrap blocks as spacers and I was able to glue and nail this thing in about 2 hours.


This room also happens to be the room that the “corner” is for my son when he’s not being all that nice. When I came back in the room, this is what he had done. Can’t get mad at that.


Here is the room with a primer coat. This is where a nice “finished” shot should really be but I’m saving that for later.


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