Are You Not Entertained?

Well here is officially my first post of work I did for a customer. I had someone ask me to make a sign for their restaurant, unfortunately the restaurant wasn’t doing so well at the time so they weren’t able to continue on with the project.

I did this with a good friend of mine who is a contractor by trade and does a lot of these types of units on the side. This was for another friend of ours who wanted a bookshelf/storage unit in their upstairs living room. It was a fairly simple design and we were able to make most of the cuts off-site and build it at her home.


The base was a fairly straight forward 2×4 base which was eventually covered up with a kick plate on the front.


As I mentioned earlier, we made all the cuts off-site so we just continued on making the boxes and filling in the spaces. We left the edges of the boxes just a little out from the wall and covered it up with some cleats.


We did another full piece of MDF across the top so it had a bit more width to the top as well as covering up the box tops.


Here it is with all the pine face frames just about ready to be filled and ready for paint.


Here is the final picture of it all painted and ready to be piled in with stuff. The painter did a great job of this part and I’m really glad for once I was able to do just the woodworking aspect of a job and pass the painting onto a professional.


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