Finally, A Dining Room Table – Part 1

Since we moved into our house, our front room has been either completely empty, or filled with junk. After I finished up all the window trim and the wainscotting, we’ve really needed to get some furniture to fill up the space.

I really wanted to build a dining room table but wanted to keep it simple considering this will be my first. My wife really likes the rustic farm tables that are popping up around at all the home stores so this was a prefect chance to make something that wasn’t all that difficult, plus I was able to use very cheap building lumber to get the desired look.


Here is the table I’m looking to build that is currently sold at Urban Barn for a cool $1,300. All the materials for this table, not including stain was $110.


The first step was to join all the 2×8’s together to form the table top. They are 8′ long and with 6 joined together make it around 42″ once the edges were run through the jointer. I used biscuits and glue to hold them together but also added some pocket screws to give it a bit more holding power during the glue up.



Clamped everything together and voila, a pretty rough table top ready to be worked on.


Here it is with the glue dried and ready to be planed.


I got my Vertias low angle jack plane a little over a year ago and have used it for minor things here and there but this was my first good test of using it on a large scale. It works absolutely beautifully and made it really easy to get nice clean shavings once I was able to dial in the right thickness it was taking off. It’s hard to see in this picture but a couple of the boards were really off after the glue up due to the size of the pieces. I initially was going to leave the table as-is but once I saw the gaps and started planing, I couldn’t stop.


Here it is almost finished and looking really nice with lots of great features in the wood. Construction grade lumber is great for furniture once its been cleaned up.

IMG_2339This was another shot just to see all the shavings I’ve taken off it to get it nice and level flat. My basement looks like the bottom of a rabbit cage right about now.

More to come once I start building the legs.



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