Muskoka Bound

Well it’s a little ridiculous that I’m posting the chairs I built in the summer on Christmas Eve. I wanted to wait to get a final picture of the chairs on my front porch but I just kept forgetting to snap a good picture. Now that it’s so miserable outside, it could be a while before I get a good shot of the chairs in their usable location so I figured I just post them anyway.

My mum gave me a copy of Cottage Life that had the plans for these chairs so I can’t say I completely made them from scratch but it was pretty close.


I took the plans, printed them out and had to tape everything together to make 1 big sheet. Then I cut each piece out a little oversized and put them onto 1/8″ hardboard and finished everything up on the bandsaw.

My first attempt at the chair I ended up scrapping a couple pieces because of the method I used. I mounted the hardboard on top of the wood with double stick tape and tried using a router and a pattern bit to be able to make everything the same size. Because I don’t have the best router and a bit that wouldn’t reach all the way through the wood, I made a mess of 1 leg stretcher before I finally ditched the router step and just cut everything as close as possible on the bandsaw and then cleaned everything up with the belt and spindle sander. When doing identical pieces (the armrests and chair side stretchers) I just double stick taped the pieces and was able to get them identical. By the second chair, I flew through the process.


Here are all the pieces for 1 chair ready to be assembled. Each piece was cut, sanded and the edges rounded off with the router.


Assembling the chairs was a little trickier than I thought, but again, by the second chair, it was a breeze.


The final step was cutting the top curve but the plans didn’t have a specific curve, they said to just make something that looked pleasing to the eye. I made a template out of cardboard so both chairs have the same arch. This part was a little time consuming because I needed attach all the pieces to the chair, mark the pieces in place with the template, remove all the pieces, cut them on the bandsaw, sand and round off the edges.


One chair completed.


Here are the final chairs ready to be placed on the front porch of our new house. I really would’ve liked to take a final picture but they still need to be finished properly with an oil of some sort.


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