Posting Up

Well it’s been almost a full year since I’ve posted anything to the blog but I’ll hopefully be doing a lot more in the coming months. Over the last year I’ve completely finished my basement from start to finish so my spare time has gone completely to that project. I’ll be posting some of the updates from it but it’s all just standard construction work, and let me say, I’m glad that it’s done.

At the base of the stairs we had a couple 2×4’s that didn’t look all that appealing as a column so I worked on building a nicer column to house everything.


I started by capping the post with 5/8″ MDF. As much as I hate all the dust from MDF, it’s such easy material to work with. I didn’t do any crazy joinery here, literally just butted up against each other and put some glue and brads to hold it in place.



I then mitred some strips that hug the edges all the way to the top. This part was pretty easy, it was just getting the mitres to look right and sit as flush as possible all the way to the top.


The next part was cutting out some small cross pieces that trim the column out. Most of it was pretty straight forward except where there were some angles involved and then it came down to just some trial and error cuts to get it all looking good.


I had some cove moulding left over from some of the architraves I did throughout the house so I threw this on just to trim out the top. In order to get the column structurally sound I actually drilled a couple holes behind some of the cross members and emptied a can of spray foam into the structure. This made the column absolutely rock solid. Once all this was done I went to town on the dap and spackle to fill in all the gaps.


Here it is with the first coat of primer. Once the primer was dry I then sanded everything with a fine grit sanding sponge. MDF just burrs right up when any moisture hits it. When the sanding is done it makes it incredibly smooth for the final coat of paint.


Here’s the final coat of paint. I used Benjamin Moore Advance for the whole column. It’s great paint for any sort of trim. It goes on really nicely and hardens quite a bit. Given the fact that this will take some damage, it should do the job.


Here it is in all its glory!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Joel says:

    Really top notch looking. I especially like the crown at the top and the decision to make it tougher (high quality paint) and more solid (spray foam core)

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