Finally, A Dining Room Table – Part 2

In Part 1 of this I managed to get the majority of the table top all wrapped up, at least to the point that it is ready for stain. At the time I also cut down and cleaned up all the 4×4 pine on the jointer and planer. I’m glad I let the wood sit for a while because there was a fair amount of cracking, which I figured.


Because this is a “rustic” table, I don’t mind that some of these are cracked up, the only thing I will be doing on some of the bigger ones is filling them with epoxy just to make sure it strengthens the piece in the areas where it requires the reinforcement.


I made a small dowel jig that worked out for the main supports as well as for the cross brace that will eventually have a mortise in it to accept the stretcher. This will span from one side to the other and keep the legs from wobbling.


A little helper to get the dowels in place.


I haven’t glued these up yet because I’ll need to cut the mortise for the stretcher and it’ll be easier to work on just the small piece of wood. Plus I won’t get  any tear out this way when I come flying through with a chisel. Nice and beefy legs though!


Next part was drilling for some larger dowels that will attach to the base.


I left them with a tiny bit of wiggle room so I can fill this with glue but it also helps because the wood isn’t perfect so I can move it around and get it in place just right when I glue it up. I will probably still put a couple screws in from the bottom as well just so it has a bit more bite to keep it in place.


Next, I cut up some of the angled supports and got them roughly in place. The top piece of wood that will support the table top still needs to be cut down to size but I’ll be doing that once both legs are done and assembled. Next task will be finishing up the leg base details, finishing up the mortises for the stretcher and then shaping the stretcher. Part 3 to come soon.


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  1. Dan E. says:

    This looks awesome Terry – love the beefy legs too! That’ll be one sturdy table in the end! Cool to see your son helping in the shop too – he’ll probably be able to use that mallet when he’s your age. 😉 Hope all is well!

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