Finally, A Dining Room Table – Part 3

In Part 2 I was wrapping up all the cuts for the legs but I still had some work to do on the stretcher. This involved some hand tools, any of which I am not really good with, but because this is a “rustic” table, I really don’t care if I chip out a couple ends.


To put the stretcher together I had to embark on making some through mortises into the block that is in between the 2 solid legs. I haven’t really done these on any piece of furniture but I’ve done a couple test ones and I also learned a pretty solid way to do it through the woodworking course I took.


First part is to take a forstner bit that is almost the size of the mortise and drill right through. I followed up by drilling other holes in the corner with a smaller bit to make it easier to clean out the waste with the chisel.


Next up is to pare the edges down as clean as possible. A flat block of wood clamped right to the edge is helpful to guide the chisel all the way down. This was the invaluable lesson I was taught in the class I took and produces really great results, as long as the chisels are nice and sharp. Got to put my new mallet to use!


Here it is with the test tenon I cut. Made it a lot easier to work with the smaller piece as opposed to trying to work with a 6 foot long stretcher.


Gluing up the legs here. I didn’t take more pictures of the glue up mostly because I always end up making a mess and then forgetting after.



At this point I was finally able to get the table top out. It was in my basement buried behind a ton of tools, 2×4’s and Roxul insulation. Just when I was finishing up my basement the table top was in a bad place and it ended up falling over and breaking off the one bread board ends. I had to get a new 2×6 and get it glued into place. I still need to plane out the edges and clean it up a bit but it’s back to its previous glory.



And here it is ready to be stained and painted. Because of the size of this table I really don’t have the space in my shop to do the staining so I’m going to be doing it in place here. Part 4 should be the last post I do on this project and we’ll finally be left with a usable dining room table!



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