Finally, A Dining Room Table – Part 4

Well, almost a year in the making and the table is finally complete! I didn’t want to follow the exact look of the table that I was originally tasked to build because I knew this style would more suit my wife’s tastes and according to her, I was right! So here you go miss, your custom dining room table. Sorry it took so long 🙂


Instead of just some stark white paint I originally wanted to add a bit more of a rustic touch. I first purchased some true milk paint, the powder kind that you mix with water. I was going to start with a black underneath which would probably turn more into a grey, then add a coat of beeswax and then do a couple top coats with white. I was going to sand down some of the edges so that it exposes the dark underneath. This would add a bit more of a “worn” look to the legs but because my wife is more of a fan of the “rustic modern” look, I ended up going with just a straight up white milk paint. This also wasn’t a true milk paint and instead a water based latex milk paint but it’s a much more dull look to it so it fits the style a bit more.



Here is the first coat of stain on the top. I fell in love with this as soon as the stain hit the wood and so did my wife. I was a little apprehensive to putting on a second coat because it had a really good mix of the stain and wood grain and I didn’t want to hide it anymore. Once it dried though, the stain really picked up in some places and not so much in others. I did end up putting another coat on but kept it as light as humanly possible and tried to wipe off as much as I could to keep the original look. I’m glad I did put the second coat because it still left a lot of the grain but has a bit more of a consistent colour.


I went back and forth on how I should seal the top but ultimately I came back to my old faithful. Minwax Wipe On Poly – Satin. I find this topcoat absolutely bulletproof to apply and dries incredibly quick. I was able to do all 3 coats of poly in 1 day. I didn’t sand in between coats because the wood is already rough in places and it won’t finish properly anyways so it really adds to the rustic feel of the table but offers a lot of protection for the inevitable spills my family produces.


And here it is in all its glory! Just a couple spots to touch up with the white, but overall everything looks great. Now my wife will be doing some chair shopping!



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