Walnut and Hickory Entry Table – Part 3

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 2 months to the day since the last update on this project. Over the Christmas holidays I was side tracked by all sorts of other projects in the shop. I got some new goodies from Lee Valley so ended up veering off and building new things and slowly neglecting this table. Alas, I am here to finally present the finished product.


Where I last left off was with the drawer. Unfortunately, I realized that I made the drawer a little too short so when you pull it out, there’s nothing to catch on. One of the new things I got over Christmas was a dovetail saw. It’s the Veritas dovetail saw and up until this point I’ve been using a Dozuki saw so it was a little bit of an adjustment but I still really like it. I also added more pins to the drawer as well. In the original I only cut 1 pin and I figured I could probably do more. I’m still not even close to a pro with these but they did turn out well enough for me not to scrap.


The one thing any woodworker might notice is the fact that my dovetails were actually done incorrectly. I mixed up the pins and tails so technically they’re not really being shown off. At this point they just ended up looking like box joints. Either way, it’s still some hand cut joinery and looks good with the mix of the two woods.


Leg and frame glue up went surprisingly smoothly and didn’t have too much squeeze out to deal with.


The internal drawer runner was something that was completely stressing me out. I hadn’t done something like this so I wasn’t sure how to tackle the problem. It was fairly tricky to find a good site that showed an exact situation that I had. I found a great article on Fine Woodworking though that really helped me along. It ended up not being all that hard to pull off thanks to the pocket screws. I was pretty nervous about breaking off the screw heads because the hickory is incredibly strong. I just used some paste wax and used a screw driver to slowly drive the screws in.


And the finished drawer assembly. Pulls out smoothly and sits nice and flush with the front.


And the finishing touch to wrap up all the assembly. It came time to attach the handle I made to the front and attach it to the drawer itself. Again, the glue up went quite nicely and everything lined up perfectly.


And onto the finishing. Here it is with the first coat of Arm R Seal Satin finish. I was a little apprehensive to use this finish as I hadn’t used it before and especially on a piece I really wanted to turn out great. I read plenty about the product and the proper way to use it based on a lot of peoples feedback. Found you have to move pretty quickly with it and do nice overlapping passes. I didn’t have any mineral spirits to cut it with so I just had to move fast but give a nice even finish. I used it as a wiping finish and really only had to use a brush in the smaller areas where the handle is.



I really took my time on the top and made sure it was as smooth as humanly possible. The one thing I learned this time around was how to use steel wool and paste wax to leave the nicest finish I’ve ever done. It is literally like a piece of glass with how smooth it is. I never understood how people finish with not a single speck of dust but now I know and will probably use this method on almost anything I do in the future.


And the final product waiting to be re assembled.


Here we are, the final product. My first piece of original fine furniture!


I’ll probably end up selling the piece if anyone is interested. I can’t even count the hours I’ve worked on it but I’m guessing in the range of 60 hours total. I did take my time and had to learn a couple things along the way so I imagine if I made this again it would go a lot quicker!


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