Shop Upgrade – Plane Rack

In between the I veered off course a little for a couple things I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time now. First being a hand plane rack that is right beside the bench for when I need it. Over Christmas my wife bought me a Veritas Router Plane and with all the gift certificates I got, I also purchased a scrub plane. I wanted the rack to be able to hold the planes but also have a bit of storage for random hand tool related odds and ends.


Started off by roughing out the overall look where I could have some small storage below and the angled top where the planes will sit and not come crashing down. I just winged the dimensions and honestly it was made the size it was to fit the planes obviously but I also had to be strategic so I would be able to make use of all the plywood I had leftover from previous projects.


No, this is not a pattern in the wood. I used this piece when I laid the patio stones at the front of my house and instead of using the power tamper directly on the stones, I used the piece of plywood to dampen the vibration a little and so that I wouldn’t crack the stones. Didn’t look the greatest but with a little bit of sanding, most of it came out. And besides, this was on the inside of the cabinet anyways.


Here it is assembled before putting in all the edging.


Because this was just a shop cabinet I really didn’t care to make everything perfect so to do the edging I just glued and brad nailed the whole thing. The edging was just some leftover hickory from the table build.


And here is the final layout with all the planes on display as well as my new dovetail saw 🙂 This thing has actually been a great addition to the shop. I put a piano hinge on the cabinet so you can lift up the front and store some taller things in the cabinet. That combined with the shelf below has been a nice addition.


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