Tripod Table – Part 2

Another project wrapping up this week. After building the test legs that were in the previous post, I went out and got some 1 3/4 maple that I wanted to use for the final product. The pine I used in the first post was a little too yellow for the top and it really would’ve looked off once the final clear coat was on the piece.


It is essentially the same steps as before with the other legs, the only difference this time was I used the table saw to clear out most of the waste on the legs. Also, because maple I find burns quite a bit when you’re trying to rip it on a table saw I had more to clean up once I was done ripping them into square blanks.


I used my hand planes to clear up the majority of the burn out but I really don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to using my hand planes with maple. No matter how little I try to take off I still find I get quite a bit of tear out. My low angle jack plane does a better job than my smoothing plane but it’s still tough. I did what I could and then sanded the rest of it.


Here’s the rough fit after the joints were cut. Maple is incredibly hard wood so it’s a little less forgiving than pine when I put the pieces together so I had a bit more chiseling to do to get the pieces to fit perfectly. In the end it’s a pretty snug fit but there is still a bit of wiggle room. Because of the nature of the piece though and with how each piece interlocks, it ends up being a very sturdy table without any glue at all. But it was still glued together regardless of this so it’ll last a lifetime.


This time around I also decided to completely cut the feet down to the lowest angle. In the previous post the first legs I made only cut half of the bottoms and tops off so they were a little boxier than this one. I like this look a lot more in the end.

This is with the top all finished up as well. I spent a good chunk of time to get it all sanded and cleaned up. I also routed a small rounded edge all the way around the top and then sanded it all down as well.


Here is the top ready for the topcoat.


Here it is with the first topcoat. I used the same finish as I did on the Walnut and Hickory Entry Table as I had a good bit of it leftover. I’ve never been a huge fan of really shiny furniture, I tend to like the low luster finish.


This is the top with 4 coats now. Has a really nice finish and the colour of it is amazing. By the second coat it really brought out an amazing look to the piece. On almost every angle you look at it will look different. Sometimes it looks dark brown, then light brown, then a reddy tinge to it. All very cool. In the background you can also see the legs that had their final coat of finish as well.


And here it is with the piece all together. The only thing left to finish up is the final buff coat to really bring out the look and feel of the finish but I still have to wait a couple days to wrap that up.


I brought the table in from the garage to finish curing before I bring it back out to finish up the final polish. It’s been a little cold lately so it’ll take a bit longer to finish if I leave it outside. This is more or less the final shot of it though. This is another piece that doesn’t yet have a home but I have some interest in the piece so it might be gone sooner than later.


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