Gone to a Good Home

Well, I am very happy to say that I’ve sold my Walnut and Hickory Table to a very good home. I was at a home store last week and I got speaking to a gentleman in the lighting department. We got on the topic of Walnut wood and I mentioned that I just finished up a piece that I was hoping to sell. He took a look at the picture and was interested. He came to check out the piece this weekend and he bought it and picked it up the same day. I’m so happy this has gone to a good home. The person who purchased it was really happy with all the touches I put into the piece. That means a lot to me because I really wanted to try and put everything into this piece and I always hoped it went to someone who really noticed and appreciated all the work I did.


This piece was a perfect fit for his house. He has a love for Walnut and you can really tell by the wood in his house.


I couldn’t be happier where this piece ended up and I think I’ll have some more work ahead of me.


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