Well, what can I say about myself. I make a living as a video game programmer, yet every second of my life I just want to build or fix something. For all my early life I watched my dad build countless things out of wood and do plenty of home reno projects. This stuck with me later in life and now I have followed in his steps. I also think it’s a matter of feeling like everyone is ripping me off and that I can probably build whatever it is I’m about to buy. What really kicked up my love of woodworking was building my son a dresser before he was born. Once I saw what I was capable of building, it really took on a whole new obsession. I have a small little one car garage that has been converted into a pretty modest little workshop but I have dreams of moving into a bit more space in the future and upgrade the space. For now, I’m just having a good time learning all there is to know about woodworking and building a couple things along the way to keep my wife happy.


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  1. Mike M'Larkey says:

    Your Dad gave me the link to your woodworking blog last night at dinner . Nice job..both with the presentation and the project. There’s nothing like conceiving, constructing and finishing a project. Keep up the good work.

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